About Us

Pamela Beck, CEO and Owner of Inspire Me Positive, LLC

Welcome to Inspire Me Positive, LLC! We appreciate you stopping by! We are a woman-owned family business that was born out of a love for inspiring and motivating others combined with a love for all things creative and fun! The Owner, Pamela Beck, developed a love for creativity at the age of 5 years old, when her mother taught her to play piano, crochet, draw, cut patterns and sew. Her greatest inspiration comes from her mother who always said, "if you want or need inspiration then you should gladly provide others with the same, because providing joy and inspiration to others will not only inspire them but you as well." Thus, the name Inspire Me Positive is based on inspiring you and me!

Our mission is to creatively inspire positive thinking and healthy living. Whether you are wearing our inspirational apparel, sipping from our inspirational drinkware, carrying an inspirational bag, or displaying our inspirational home decor, our goal is to inspire and motivate as many individuals as possible to live their best life now and have some fun along the way!

In addition to our apparel, accessories, and home products, we offer the following services: small business consulting; notary services; e-commerce website design; graphic and print design services for businesses and individuals; custom bling designs as well as wholesale pricing. Let us help you bring your inspirational vision to life! For more information, complete our contact us form or email us at customerservice@inspiremepositive.com. We hope that you enjoy our products and services and spread the inspiration, motivation, and positivity!

 p.s. Yes, we are based in the U.S.A. 

Peace, Love and Blessings!

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